Group Add-ons

These are additional guests that you wish to add to an already booked group. With most airlines, Add-ons can only deviate from +/-30 days of the travel dates of the master group (PNR).

However, either Inbound or Outbound needs to be the same as the master PNR and must not include connection flights from regional departure points etc.

Interline Groups

Groups that are sold in conjunction with interline partner’s air sectors, e.g. AUH FRA (EY) and FRA VIE (LH) or LON-SIN (BA) and SIN-SYD (QF)

Please bear in mind that while an airline may have an interline agreement with many other carriers, each airline will advise who they will collaborate with on a group booking at time of enquiry

PNR Reinstatement

Deposit collection time limits and ticketing time limits are enforced to ensure that inventory is protected for guests traveling on the airline. The blocking fee time limit and the ticketing time limit must be observed in order to ensure that the airlines do not cancel the group PNR. Reinstatement of cancelled PNR’s will not be supported, therefore, once the PNR is cancelled and should the seats be required, a new request should be submitted. Due to forecast demand, the same fare quotes and T&C’s may not be available for group seats being re-requested. Additionally, this will impact overall materialization rates.

Ticketing Time Limits

In order to ensure 100% materialization, airlines assign a ticketing time limit after the deposit payment has been collected. At ticketing time limit, all passenger names as per their respective passports must be added to the group booking. These can also be submitted through our secure platform, however any changes to the names after this time will incur fees from both the airline and the travel agency looking after your booking.

Deposit Time Limits

This is a time limit to collect the deposit (advance payment). At the time of Group confirmation, all airlines assign a deposit collection time limit, if the airline doesn’t require a deposit, the your travel agency may impose one from time to time to protect the work being completed on your groups behalf.


In order to avoid the risk of inventory spoilage every group confirmation requires a deposit to be collected. These deposits are used to hold the group number, they do not protect the base fare or taxes as these are always subject to change until the tickets have been issued. Deposits are a nominally fee multipled by the number of passengers and may also be taken in stages depending on the departure date of your trip and the number in your group.

** Most deposits are non refundable, they are however taken from the final number on confirmed passengers in your group.

This is clearly outlined in your group quote paperwork.

Group Fares

All group airfares are based on the demand on the flights and departure dates at the time of request along with booking class availability due to the number of travellers in your group. The group airfare quote is always subject to the availability of seats on the flight(s)/departure date(s) at the time of PNR creation. Any subsequent changes in routing, dates and flights will require a re-evaluation of the fare.

Group Request / Booking Procedure

Any group booking must initially be created via our dedicated group enquiry system. The process is as simple as selecting the airlines you need quotes from, the number of passengers and the departure & destination of your trip. While access is open to the general public and Independent Travel Agencies, all agency requests are only accessible through our agent’s portal as it includes booking procedures and other agency specific information and tools.